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We don’t pretend to teach anyone how to run a business. We would just like you to try our unconventional approach and have a direct experience. We are sure you will be impressed by its powerful impact.


We are unconventional

We are not the typical consultants, we are unconventional! We don’t do the work for you, and leave piles of reports to read. As we do not teach how to do the work you know better than anybody else.


A different approach

Our approach is well proven and consisting of a thoroughly designed framework that we call ain’t a GAME*. It makes you autonomous by easing problem solving and decision making.


Gamification boost

We use gamification for boosting engagement, commitment, participation, lateral and lean thinking, critical analysis and to improve your effectiveness in tackling problems and challenges.


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Choose the best way to work with us

Phygital Play

Do It Yourself

A fully phygital experience for your team (1 game is for up to 6 players). Purchase one of our experience boxes or decks and decide whether you would like to be supported by one of our facilitators, or to do it yourself.



A full day workshop for a team of up to 20 players. You will be playing with your games, and one of our facilitators will guide you through the experience. You will maximise the experience and the full potential of your team.

Hire Us

Hire Us

If you would need support across the full innovation journey, you can hire one of our experts, consultants, or facilitators, in order to help you with your activities and/or train your team with the different methodologies.

Our blog

Stay up to date on what we do. We like to share our knowledge and some great best practices from who has already played with us.

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