Unconventional consulting

We are not the typical consultants, we are unconventional! We have years of experience working on the side of entrepreneurs, C-levels, directors, managers, specialists and several other professionals. Along this journey we build and designed a framework, which has been created with companies, and not for companies. For such reason it is extremely flexible and can be tailored for any business in the need of solving pressing problems and tackling tough challenges.

Our approach consists in a well designed framework that we called ain’t a GAME*. It makes use of a portfolio of methods (we call them decks), which can help any company in solving problems and brainstorming new ideas and solutions. We work on your side, and you will easily learn how to use the framework yourselves, making the team (and ideally the full business) autonomous in their problem solving and decision making.

Well, it this triggers your interest, just drop us an email, let’s have a virtual or in person coffee chat and we will be more than happy to tell you what we can do for your with our new approach to consultancy.

Cristiano Nordio

How it started

Our adventure started 9 years ago! Different backgrounds, separate journeys, but very similar on the approach. At the beginning of 2019 we met for a joint business workshop, in an amazing place, that stimulated maybe the best conversation since many years.

We definitely found out we talk the same language, which led us to a different approach to consultancy and workshop facilitation.

We turned our consultancy into an experience, where we play three different roles: the consultant, who has a vertical approach to “technical issues”; the facilitator, who is facilitating the emergence of new ideas and solutions to the issue; the coach, who is transferring the approach and a structured methodology to the participants.

This is the two of us, and we are sure you are curious to know more about how we helped more than 180 companies with their challenges.

We have done a huge work in a very short amount of time, considering the value of the final result. While following the journey, at every step we made, we  always had something pragmatic to work on the day after... and this is not for granted!

Barbara Sala
CEO Delcon
We spotted some important gaps in some phases of our approach. This analysis enabled us to integrate sales strategies with a better communication, and in a targeted way by defining the best tools (and investments) to be used in every touch point.

Giorgio Zanchetta
CEO Anodica Trevigiana
We were already thinking to change our business model, but we needed a faster and more immediate way to do so, without neglecting details and insights. This is what we did with ain't a GAME*.

Antonella Candiotto
CEO Galdi
This team helped us during our transformation, by introducing new methodologies and business processes within Framis, above all the innovation process. I am grateful to them for helping our company in being even more innovative.

Francesca Salotto
CEO Framis

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