The first two crazy gamers

We are, by nature, serious gamers, who are envisioning that any business leader, like you, should  play seriously, because any business deserves to accelerate innovation and grow faster and faster. So, join our community and start playing!

Hi there, this is us, and we are sure you are curious to know more about how it all started. Well, just drop us an email, let’s have a virtual coffee chat and we will be more than happy to tell you how we met, how we started playing together and how we came up with this great idea for any serious player that is willing to boost innovation and have hard fun.



Our games are pragmatic and go straight to the core of the problem. They are developed to shake the status quo, challenge your comfort zone, and deliver stunning results.


Serious play is the best way to build actionable plans to solve problems, accelerating innovation and pushing the boundaries of your creativity and imagination.


You need to be focused and have fun while tackling and solving tough challenges. Our games are designed to find the best tangible solutions to any problem.


We are firmly convinced that innovation is a collaborative exercise. Through our games we’d like to share our knowledge to inspire teams and keep them improving.

How to use our community of gamers and experts

You can choose amongst 3 different ways to play with our games, or with us. You can choose to play with your own team (if you already have an internal experienced facilitator), or with us through a fully phygital experience by purchasing one of our experience boxes (coming soon). You can choose for a full day workshop (in presence), in order to play with some of our games and solve a problem with the full brain power of your team. You can choose to hire one of our experts and consultants to support you along your fully customised innovation journey.

Phygital Play

Do It Yourself

A fully phygital experience for your team (1 game is for up to 4 players). Purchase one of our experience boxes or decks and decide whether you would like to be supported by one of our facilitators, or to do it yourself.



A full day workshop for a team of up to 20 players. You will be playing with your games, and one of our facilitators will guide you through the experience. You will maximise the experience and the full potential of your team.

Hire Us

Hire Us

If you would need support across the full innovation journey, you can hire one of our experts, consultants, or facilitators, in order to help you with your activities and/or train your team with the different methodologies.

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